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CD: Suffer To Be Beautiful


Jolie's solo project "Suffer to be Beautiful" was the only release on her indie label HEN. The name "HEN" was inspired by Confusus who warned "When the hens crow, the state will fall," cautioning us to beware of outspoken women. "Suffer to be Beautiful" is about celebrating the art of the misfit. It occupies an autonomous zone where folk, rock and punk mix and mingle, honoring beauty in its most untraditional forms. "Suffer"speaks to our melodic appetites, luring us in to wine and dine on sonic concoctions and free-range lyrics. And like the finest cuisine it brings us back again and again, having destroyed our ability to be satisfied with a blasé pallete of fast-food pop.

Who Suffer's?

In addition to Jolie's producer / singer / songwriter / guitars / mellotron contribution, "Suffer to be Beautiful" highlights the following beautiful musicians:

  • Percussionist Matthew Succucci Morano from Ithaca, NY – formerly of "Jaws" & "Makasleauth"– who also shares recording and mastering credits on the album.
  • Bassist Brian Dozoretz from Ithaca NY – formerly of "Brother Meat".
  • Pianist and vocalist Beth Rickman, Jolie's sister from NYC.
  • Tuba player Dave Unland, musician and Ithaca College Music Professer from Ithaca, NY.
  • Electric sitarist & surf guitarist Gary Siperko from Ithaca, NY.
  • Electric guitarist Mark Mays from Ithaca, NY

Track List

suffer to be beautiful cd package
  • 1. suffer to be beautiful
  • 2. chicago
  • 3. la la la
  • 4. mockingbird
  • 5. emma goldman
  • 6. silence
  • 7. faking angel
  • 8. butterflies
  • 9. white wall
  • 10. young boys with loaded machines
  • Special Live Bonus Track:

    11. Peace Loving Nation

Suffer To Be Beautiful is available for download or purchase at: cdbaby

"Suffer" was originaly realeased with a special spoken word guest track: 11. at a certain hour. on a certain day. (2:47) by sean thomas dougherty. When the cd was re-printed posthumous, this track was replaced with the live recording of Jolie performing the previously unreleased "Peace Loving Nation".

suffer to be beautiful was produced for HEN by jolie rickman. all songs writen by jolie rickman ©2000 bmi except track 11 ©2005. reissue: ©2005.

recorded, mixed & mastered @ electric wilburland studios, newfield, ny 2000 by will russell & mathew saccucci morano except vocal on track 11 recorded live @ happy endings, syracuse, ny 1999.