sublime detonation cd cover
sublime detonation cover

CD: Sublime Detonation


"Skittering vocals like Joni Mitchell without the California snideness." the Chicago Reader

"Rocking and beautiful political folk; four stars out of four." hj Magazine, Syracuse, NY

Say a girl has ten socially relevant and whimsically irreverent songs inside her that tickle her hard and make her laugh and laugh and laugh until she cries; until she spends all of her time and money to get them out of her body and spread them all over the world, until her ten little songs become a one big, one woman, musical manifesto. This is what nine out of ten experts call a "sublime detonation." True story.

Who Sublime?

Joined on mandolin by Rounder Records recording artist John Rossbach, and accompanied by Free Radicals and Matt Marono on samples, this cd is early evidence of Jolie's capacity to deliver brave and innovative songwriting with technical integrity.

Original Track List

smattering e p cover
one of the hand-made covers from the original SmatterING cd (that started it all).

  • 10. if you were my wife
  • 9. i don't speak lithuanian
  • 8. love song for newt
  • 7. our father
  • 6. fly
  • 5. little women
  • 4. being small
  • 3. never come song
  • 2. out of air
  • 1. sublime detonation

*Reissue Bonus Tracks

originally released as SmatterING ep ©1997

  • 11. blemish
  • 12. michael's song
  • 13. margaret
  • 14. waldorf astoria
  • 15. if you were my wife
  • 16. chicago (acoustic)

Sublime Detonation is available for download or purchase at cdbaby

Sublime Detonation©1998; reissue©2005.

Sublime Detonation features: Jolie Christine Rickman, vocals & acoustic guitar; John Rossback, mandolin (tracks #5,6,9,10); Mike Brandt, bass (tracks #1,2,3,6,9); Damian Allis, drums (tracks #2,3); Sean Kelly, electric guitar (track #2); Matt Morano, samples (track #1); Will Russell, politician (track #3). Recorded, digitally mixed and mastered by Will Russell @ Electric Wilburland Studio, Newfield, NY 1998.